Cargo transportation across EU countries and around the world

We specialize in reliable and accurate cargo transportation services throughout the European Union and around the world. We are a friendly team of professionals. Each shipment is monitored by a specific employee, not just the logistics system.

The safety of cargo transportation from all over the world is ensured by trained workers and regularly updated technology.

Our 10+ years of experience will guarantee accurate and reliable deliveries of transported goods anywhere within the EU countries and the whole world.

  • Transportation of costs according to the agreed dates

  • Transportation and food warehousing

  • Road transport, air transport, sea transport and rail transport

  • An extensive warehousing network

How does it work?

Our solution

Transparent pricing

With us, you are always sure of clear and agreed prices.

We will agree on the date, the destination of the transport and the date of delivery. We will tell you the exact shipping price in advance.


The logistics network of our warehouses

In addition to our own storage facilities, we have a system of partner warehouses. Thanks to this developed network, we always guarantee you exact dates and reliable delivery of your goods.


We have a fleet of cars from smaller vans to trucks

We transport any amount of cargo, by land, sea, rail and air.

Individual approach

Our people carefully monitor the shipment process at its every stage.

Each consignment is assigned its own worker who carefully monitors the safety of the transport and the agreed delivery date. Yes, our software also tracks shipments, however, we believe that it is precisely our personal approach to work that sets us apart from others.

Our key business values

Distribution network

We have a distribution network of storage partners throughout the EU as well as our own storage halls, connected to the most modern inventory management software for the purposes of Just-In-Time distribution and transportation of goods.


Cargo transport

All over the world, by land, sea, rail or air, we deliver shipments to their destination on time, according to the agreed date.

Individual approach

We always adapt to the customer's needs and propose ideal transport and storage services, exactly according to the requirements. In addition to the software, our people monitor specific shipments individually.

More than 10+ years of experience in global logistics!

Our company started its activities in its initial form already in 2009. Since then, we have been gradually expanding our fleet and logistics network in order to be able to offer you the widest coverage of our services.

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